Jan. 20, 2022

The story behind the song | Ska'd for Life

This "behind the song" episode is all about a SPITBALL classic, Ska'd for Life. This is the first time our listeners will hear both a live CBGBs version as well as a studio version of the track, made at LOHO Studios. Loho has recorded music for artists such as Ryan Adams, Blues Traveler, Rosanne Cash, The Heroine Sheiks, The Everly Brothers, Art Garfunkel, John Mayer, O.A.R., Lindsay Lohan, Joan Jett, Speedsters and Dopers, Gina Gershon, Yo La Tengo, Billy Squier, Patti Smith, Phish, and Joey Ramone.

NOTE: This will be the last episode that includes Molly's answers - the next ones will turn a new page in the story of this informal reunion, with Chris Orcutt (drums) and Mike Webb (bass) and some surprise guests.