Jan. 5, 2022

The story behind the song | Hairdryer + Home Cookin'

SERIES UPDATE: We some terribly sad news to share with our listeners. SPITBALL's glorious singer and guitarist Molly Fitch passed away. With her family's blessing, we are going to continue publishing our interviews with her, and leave the next episodes intact as a document of Molly's thoughts about life, music and life in New York.

This "behind the song" episode is all about two of SPITBALL's instrumentals, Hairdryer and Home Cookin' and includes a never-heard before recordings from their very first CBGB's show. Marco speaks with Molly Fitch (vocals/guitar), Chris Orcutt (drums) and Mike Webb (bass), about the hysterical origins of these two tracks, and the bombastic crowd at their shows.