Dec. 10, 2021

The story behind the song | Raychel + Gun/Parkside

SONGBIRD Season Two continues with a double-decker "behind the song" episode, all about Raychel and Gun/Parkside. We ask the big questions, like "Is Raychel our Sweet Jane?" and dig into SPITBALL's nimble, loose style. At any given moment you understand that we rehearsed like crazy and none of this is by chance.  

Marco speaks with Molly Fitch (vocals/guitar), Chris Orcutt (drums) and Mike Webb (bass), about everything from the rougher parts of Brooklyn and falling asleep on the D train, to how it was considered an insult to be compared to Bruce Springsteen if you were part of that quirky 90's downtown music scene.

This episode includes never-heard before live recordings of Raychel and Gun/Parkside from their very first CBGB's show.