Dec. 16, 2020

EP 7: The story behind the song | Sebastapol

What is the life of an expat? Can they ever really go home? These questions - along with a screenplay about the Book of Enoch - inspired "Sebastapol" (track 6 from Heaven Get Behind Me).

In this latest "behind the song" episode we have our first interview, with Eve North who performed a guest vocal on this track. We talk about themes of loss, vocal styles, curated Spotify playlists and much more.

As always, we listen to the demo version as well as the final mastered version of the track.



Charlie’s out back talking trash

Not every story’s got a hero

You still got that Mona Lisa smile

Least that’s what they tell me

Last night I met the man in the blue suit

Said he walked with the angels


Sometimes I wake up to forget

That I fell in love with a mystery girl

Sebastopol is waiting

There’s a light in the window

That I pray is for me


Oh, will you ride

Ride that train with me

Will you abide


Well my boy, he would be ten now

But he’s in the cold, cold ground

They say that true love, it never fails

And even God, he makes mistakes

Well you know I’ve made a few

Careful what you pray for

Because every road it’s got its toll


Oh, will you ride

Ride that train with me

Will you abide




1968 Gibson B45 12 string on an unreleased demo


Danny Boy (with Eve)


What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding (with Eve)