Dec. 31, 2020

EP 9: The story behind the song | Stone Blind Rain

Can you manufacture a vulnerable performance? How did the idioms "whistling past the graveyard" and "potters field" originate? What is blind rain? The answers to these questions are part the latest behind-the-song episode, as we listen to the demo and final version of "Stone Blind Rain" track 8 from Heaven Get Behind Me.


Stone Blind Rain

Will I ever see you again

Am I really going

What’ll happen then

I loved and I died

What more can a man say

That’s all we do

We love and we die


They’ll bury me in Potter’s Field

Under a stone with no name

And I wonder

Will you whistle when you pass

And whisper my name


Just ate my last meal

And I feel nothing

It left a stain on my sleeve

Falling from grace

Is that grace falling from the sky

They’re putting up a new schoolhouse

That I’ll never see


They say the sun’s out today

And then they say it gonna rain

You call that stone blind rain

You call it stone blind rain 


They say the sun’s out today

They say it’s a good day to die


JONATHAN KEHEW/Songbike Youtube Channel